• This is so exciting!

    It took a while to figure out this e-commerce stuff. I'm still not all the way there yet, but I can't wait any longer - I have to share! 

    Finally, FINALLY! An online catalog! As of a few hours ago, I shared the site with a few friends, colleagues, and Facebook fans for feedback. Not completely public, but quite a few folks. So far, so good - I've already made my first sale (holla, LK!). So, I now can say I am officially an online seller.

    Consider this post a virtual bottle of champagne cracking against a newly christened ship. Ahoy!

    Full disclosure: I didn't do it ALL by myself. I am lucky enough to know the following fine people. Each one of them has done a little somethin' here, a little somethin' there; many have helped quite a lot. I'll come back and add more to the list as I can because I know there are many still missing from this list... To all of you: My sincerest gratitude.

    Derek Smith • Michael & Barbara Smith • Bridget Kolakowsky • Stacy Greengard • Ok Shin • Melissa Martinez • Savannah Yturriago • Rik Keller • Richard Driver • Scout Living • Entropic Jewelry • Annie, Lisa & everyone at DSP • Nakate • Closet Candy • Article Consignment Boutique • CUFFS • Larry Groves • Roshaun, Maritza, Sara & everyone at Unseen Heroes/GOOD: Street Food + Design Market • The fellas at REEL Bike-In Movie Theater • Jake Favour • Jennifer Snyder • Megan Milde • Anne 'Epic Night' McMonigle • Erin Sullivan • Dave, The Lauras, The Grants, Hatch, Craigy, Sara & the whole Sactown crew • Shanley Knox • The Lipstick Giraffe • Lisa Kennedy • Juniper James • ArtBike Sacramento • Kasih Jewelry • Gypsy Mobile Boutique • Bows & Sparrows • Davis Flea Market • Nicholas Wray Photography • the Citizen Rosebud • Roots Fair Trade • The Gridizen • Play Big Sacramento • Kitchen Travels • Donelle O'Brien and Instagrammers Sacramento • Anthony & Malissa Price • NAHBS 2012 • everyone at Shopify!

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